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Hank Schwartz, Ph.D., P.E.

620 Fremont Street
Menlo Park, California 94025
phone: 650-327-4770
fax: 650-462-1212
e-mail: hank@hschwartz.com



Hank Schwartz Design, Menlo Park, Ca. 94025 - - - 1998-present
Principal Engineer
Reestablished my mechanical engineering and product development consulting company.
Continued as a consultant for various prior employers.
PLEASE NOTE: I Am Not Available for Unsolicited Employment!

Genomyx Corp., Div. of Beckman, Foster City, Ca. 94404 - - - 1994-1998
Director of Engineering
Developed genomyxLR, a self-contained semi-automated DNA sequencing instrument from concept through transfer to production. Developed genomyxSC fluorescent scanner as a modular detection system for use with the sequencer, other gel formats, or for digitizing large translucent images. Did all product architecture, optical, thermal and mechanical design; directed the activities of electrical engineers, industrial engineers and documentation persons. Created work instructions and trained and validated assemblers.

Hank Schwartz Design, San Francisco, Ca. 94123 - - - 1993-1994
Principal Engineer
Established a mechanical engineering and product development consulting company.
Continued as a consultant for various prior employers.

Biocircuits Corp., Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089 - - - 1991-1993
Principal Engineer
Developed Green-LED-based fluorimeter and motorized translation stages as research tool and prototype of ambulatory-site medical analyzer. Developed automated reagent dispensing system for film production units. Conceived and developed BIOCIRCUITS IOS Medical Analyzer instrument including direction of Biocircuits engineering group and external industrial design, plastic molding and OEM manufacturing groups. Responsible for mechanical and optical design and transfer of product to OEM manufacturer.

Molecular Devices Corp., Menlo Park, Ca. 94025 - - - 1988-1991
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Developed instrument concept for medical doctor's office blood chemistry analyzer utilizing spectrophotometric and membrane based immuno-assay methods. Developed mechanical, thermal and optical systems for the Microphysiometer. Primary responsibility for the flow chambers which contained and maintained living cells for measurement of cellular metabolism using the MDC LAPS sensor.

Spectra-Physics, San Jose, Ca. 95134 - - - 1986-1988
Section Manager - Advanced Product Development
Hands on and management responsibility for conception and implementation of new lasers and laser products. Assisting all divisions of the company in product design which was more effective, economical and far-reaching.

Sequoia-Turner Corp., Mountain View, Ca. 94043 - - - 1984-1986
Staff Mechanical Engineer
Conceived, developed and produced robotic blood-chemical immuno-assay analyzer (OEM-Photon ERA for HYBRITECH, Inc., San Diego, Ca.). Directed efforts of outside industrial design and engineering firms to assist in implementation of product. Created novel fluid handling pumps and probes for unique HYBRITECH protocols.

Diasonics, Inc., Milpitas, Ca. 95045 - - - 1980-1984
Mechanical Engineering Manager
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Responsible for mechanical development of Diasonics ultrasound imaging probes and accessories. Designed Small-Parts Probes and Cardiac family of probes including numerous molded plastic and rubber parts, cast and fabricated metal and sheet metal.

Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, Ca. 94042 - - - 1978-1980
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Engineer for development of 945U LaserLevel through production release. Development of optical level-compensation for EL-1 LaserLevel, with primary responsibility for accuracy and stability of product. Design of ultra-precise optical and mechanical systems; sand, plaster and die-cast aluminum parts; injection molded plastic parts; alignment, calibration and production tooling.

Finnigan Corporation, Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086 - - - 1975-1977
Project Engineer
Research Physicist
Development of Liquid Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer Interface through production. R & D of Flame Ionization Detector from initial concept through production. Project Engineer for development of ultra-precise Hyperbolic Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. Mechanical design, drafting and documentation.

Physics Dept., New York Univ., New York, N.Y. 10003 - - - 1972-1975
Associate Research Scientist
Instructor (two semesters)
Molecular beam studies of alkali atoms and dimers, and metastable rare gasses. Development of molecular beam chopper, alkali oven source, cryogenic hydrogen source. Extensive computer programming for acquisition, reduction and analysis of data.

Dept. of Exp. Physics, Univ. of Nijmegen, Holland - - - 1970-1972
Wettenschaapelijk Ambtenaar 1ste Klasse
Instructor (two semesters)
Molecular beam scattering experiments. Extensive experience in cryogenics; development of liquid helium cryopump, supersonic beam source. R & D of high efficiency ionizer for magnetic mass spectrometer; velocity selector; computer simulation and evaluation of experiments. Aided in and directed experiments in the physics of molecular interactions.

Physics Dept., New York Univ., New York, N.Y. 10003 - - - 1967-1970
Research Assistant
Teaching Assistant (three semesters)
Built precision universal molecular beam apparatus. Designed UHV systems and chambers. Built ionizer and quadrupole mass spectrometer, cryogenic gas source, ultra-precision 2-pole E-H Gradient magnet. Developed new computer controlled electronic data gathering system.



Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer (M21576 California) 1982
Ph.D. (Experimental Physics) - New York University, New York, N.Y. 1970
B.S. (Physics)- Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 1962



Over thirty years of highly successful product development experience in all aspects of biomedical, scientific and engineering instrumentation. Specialty areas are commercial to ultra-precise mechanical design; optical and acoustic design including lasers and ultrasound; fluidics, liquid and gas handling including gas and liquid chromatography, sampling, detectors and columns; ultra-high vacuum technology; cryogenics and cryopumping; radiation counters and techniques; data acquisition and processing and computer programming including simulation of theoretical and experimental systems; fabrication of metals, plastics, rubbers, glass and ceramics by all methods; drafting and documentation; establishment and supervision of Model Shop (lathes, mills, sheet metal and welding); project and group management; integration of product mechanics, electronics and software; experienced teacher, lecturer, photographer and writer.
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