"Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O"
-the MOOooooo Koan-

- The Hank Schwartz -
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Hi, dear friends from near and far, now and ago.
I've finally decided to take advantage of this new-fangled technology in the interest of
recovering part of the closeness that we once shared by proximity, and have eventually lost
over time and distance.

My Background

Born in Kew Gardens, N.Y. in 1941 and lived in Flushing N.Y.
Moved to La Canada, CA in 1951.
Back to Kings Point, N.Y. in 1953. - Great Neck High School.
To Baltimore, Md. in 1958 - B.S. from Johns Hopkins University in 1962
[Major in old timey-Banjo, minor in physics].
Married at 21 (sigh!).
To New York City in 1964 - PhD. from New York University in 1970
[Major in Banjo, minor in experimental molecular physics]
Won old-timey banjo contest in Philadelphia Folk Festival around now,
appeared on Elektra Records "Old Time Banjo Project".
To Nijmegen, Holland in 1970 - an amazing 2 years.
[Post-doctoral research in molecular beams]
To New York again in 1972 - 3 yrs post-doc at NYU in molecular beams.
To Los Gatos, CA in 1975 - began real life (got a job).

My Career

A long string of generally 2 year stints designing scientific/medical/ analytical instruments.
Lasers, chemical analyzers, ultra-sound imagers, lotsa stuff.
Was research physicist, mechanical engineer, engineering manager, director of engineering with a group of 3!
Presently, retired engineering consultant and serious banjo enthusiast.

My Interests

Oh boy - Music first.
Originally classical flute. Serious recorder.
About 40 years of intense old-timey 5-string banjo frailing.
Some guitar & auto-harp.
Occassional Shakuhachi but I must get back to that.
Zen Buddhist meditation. A pilgrimage to India made a difference.
Quartz crystals - donno why, they just grabbed me!
Reading - I love post apocolyptic and cyberpunk sci-fi.
Computer finagler. I am hooked on bruising the web.
Did I say intense banjo? If you play let me know.

Some Connections, more or less

1.I got a wonderful banjo from
2.Wanna go to India and understand?
3. The world's most outrageous bookstore.
4. Banjos I'm buying or selling
5. I say there HOLMES, what is a MUGWUMP?
6. My new CD, "Notes Along The Way" - Old time banjo tunes and songs - Great!!


Reach me via e-mail at: hank@hschwartz.com

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