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I am extremely interested in any Very early Fairbanks 5-string banjo.
My focus is instruments made between 1875 and 1881 (S/N 0000 -1000)
with particular interest in banjos stamped "A.C.Fairbanks - Maker",
and Fairbanks & Cole banjos with distinct preF&C heel cuts.

More information about Fairbanks banjos can be found here.


I am also VERY interested in any banjos made before 1870,
notably those recognized as true Civil War and Minstrel Era instruments.
Of particular interest are banjos made by:

Thomas Bree
Charles Morrell
Wm. Boucher
James Ashborn

and any early banjo with interesting shape and/or features that
reveal the hand and heart of the maker.


Condition is not a great consideration and
price is (almost) no object for significant instruments.

If you have any such banjo for sale or know of any, please contact me by
e-mail or by telephone at 816-416-6062.


I am presently interested in selling the following banjos:

None right now. Please visit again.

Please note: Banjo Prices Do Not Include S/H/I

Please contact me with any questions.

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If you would like to hear old-time banjo music played on
a variety of vintage banjos please visit:

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