Whyte Laydie Presentation 5-String Banjo
Doug Unger - June 2000

Presentation Whyte Laydie
This banjo is similar in style to the "column" banjo show in Gura & Bollman's book.

The modern fingerboard is 3 frets longer requiring an added inlay.

The original pot was a #2 Whyte Laydie Style R.  It has been thinned to the earlier style thickness and lined with vintage marquetry and burled veneer.  The rim has the traditional #7 purfling with 6 inlaid MOP flowers.

 The front of the peghead has the mythical lion and an eagle perched on top of the columns.

The back of the peghead has an early version of the gryphon.

The bridge is made of a figured maple with an ivory cap to match the nut at the peghead.

The carving on the heel is taken from the one known Whyte Laydie Deluxe banjo and represents a sea creature.

The heel cap is vintage ivory with an inlaid and engraved snail emblem.

The multiple laminations are mirrored at the heel and fingerboard, and at the peghead overlay and backstrap.

With it's ancient skin, this instrument has a typical but warm Whyte Laydie sound.

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