#5 Special Electric "Column" 5-String Banjo
Doug Unger - 1998


This is the banjo that first got me interested in the work of Doug Unger.

John Bernunzio knew that I wanted a banjo with the Fairbanks "mythical lion" on it.  He didn't have one with the lion on the front, but he convinced me that this one was just as worthy.

The original pot was a #5 Special Electric with what appears to be factory engraving on the spun pot and tension hoop.

 The oversized bound peghead has inlays quite similar to the "Fairbanks Family Banjo" on front and back.

The fingerboard is Doug's interpretation of a column banjo combined with extraordinary presentation motifs.


The heel carving is the typical #5 "Double Daisy" pattern.  The binding and
construction of the pot look like typical #5 construction with the exception
of the engraving.  The origin of this pot is unknown.

With a new skin, this instrument has a bright Electric sound.

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