#5 Style Neck And "Double Gryphon" Peghead
On A Paul King Electric Pot
Doug Unger - 1977


This was my second Doug Unger banjo.

After I got the #5 Presentation I began a serious search for other Unger banjos.  I wanted to learn more about them and to get an idea of the range of Doug's work.

I obtained this one from a retired fireman in Rochester, NY.  It is a stupendious instrument and is my favorite player

The pot was one of several made by Doug's friend Paul King.  It is not as sophisticated as the original Fairbanks pots, but it has a fantastic quality that perfectly suits my playing style.

 This is a simpler version of the "Double Gryphon" peghead.

The fingerboard inlays are typical early #5 style inlays as is the "double daisy" heel carving and cap inlay.

The banjo has a backstrap with no inlay on the back of the peghead.


With a venerable skin, this instrument has an extremely bright sound
and tremendous sustain.  It usually fits my mood and is a fine banjo
to back up singing.

I resort to a gut strung fretless in my more somber moods.

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