William Temlett 6-String Banjo
ca. 1890's.


This curious banjo by Temlett has his patented all metal pot.

Quoting from A.P.Sharpe's article:
" In 1888 he was granted a patent for a banjo hoop which bulged out with a
curve around the bottom; the tension bolts passing through holes in the upper
part of this curved bulge and the nuts concealed within the bottom of the bulge. "

The peghead is a pretty shape and has characteristic multiple
laminations of boxwood (or maple) and rosewood between the
neck wood and the ebony overlay.


Typical of Temlett's banjos, it has profuse mother of pearl inlay on the
fingerboard and pearl position dots on the side of the neck.

The tailpiece is bone.  The 6 tuning pegs were originally ivoroid but
they were fitted with paper shims and not functional. They have
been replaced with 6 properly fitted ebony pegs.

The replacement nut was cut with only 4 slots so that the banjo
would function like a usual 5-string banjo. The center peg is
now just a decoration.


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