Charles W. Jr. and Cress Unger

There is very little information available, with moderate digging, on the Ungers.

The family consisted of Charles Unger, a physician, and his sons Charles Jr.
and Cress (Cressy). I found nothing on other family members.

Their first appearance is in the 1876-1879 S.F. Directories where Cressy is listed as a Custom House messenger.

They don't appear in the 1880 Census, and the 1890 Census was lost in a fire.

 In the 1889 S.F, Directory Cress Unger is listed as a Banjo Manufacturer.

 In the 1890 S.F. Directory Charles Unger is a physician and Charles Jr.
is living with him and listed as a manufacturer and repairer of musical instruments. Cress is living separately and listed as a Custom House clerk.

- They are not listed in the 1900 Census.