A Brief History of Charles Morrell (b. 1827 in Maine)

Morrell first appears in the S.F. Directory in 1856 as a Custom House clerk.

 In 1859 he is listed as a Musical Instrument Manufacturer.

 The 1860's Census has him living with his wife, son and daughter in the
house of Jacob Lynn, a brewer. His occupation is given as Bookbinder. Lynn's son is a musician.

 1861 and 1862 list him as a musician.

 1863 - 1871 list him as a musical instrument maker.

 In 1872 he is a "merchant".

 1873 - 1880 has him variously as a teacher banjo, musician, music teacher
or musical instrument manufacturer.

In 1889 he is a "Teacher Banjo" and in 1890 a "Teacher Music".
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 It is interesting to note that Morrell's son Charles Jr. is, in 1875, a bookbinder.

 In the 1876 S.F. Directory he is a musician but the 1880 Census has him as a

The 1890 Census lists Charles Jr. and his wife as both actors.