PrettyGoodtime Banjo


I bought this Goodtime banjo about a year ago on ebay.
I recently found some MOP inlaid rosewood overlays on ebay and I
decided to try one on this banjo.  I used the cut off excess rosewood
as the heel overlay.

After sanding down the peghead and heel I glued on the
rosewood overlays. I then trimmed off the top of the peghead
and rounded the corners.

I finished both areas with TruOil, 4 coats each. I find the
result most pleasing and a bit amusing.

Other changes were to replace the 5th string nail with an
ebony 5th string nut. I also replaced the plastic head with
a new Renaissance head. I love the sound and I feel that
on a Goodtime it's the best compromise between plastic
and a real skin head. (Yes, I know that the Renaissance
head is also plastic).


For those interested, the overlays came from Tony Tsai,
"inlaidartist" on ebay. He has done some remarkable work.