Fairbanks & Cole

S/N 5735 ca. 1885


The Banjo



The Neck
(NOTE: These pics may be opened in a separate window for more detail.)

These simple but unusual inlays give just a hint of the glory that is
Clipper #1916.



The Pot

This early banjo is possibly unique in its lack of bolts securing the outside brackets,
a feature that was included in the catalog description of the higher grade Clippers.
This is the earliest example that I have seen of A.C. Fairbanks' concept of a
separate band with the brackets attached directly to it.


The Clippers have a fairly long sharp "boat" heel, later associated with the
banjos made by Cole.


Other decorative features

The higher grade Fairbanks banjos typically had ivory tuning pegs and
tailpieces. The higher the grade, the more extravagant these accessories.
These pegs, tailpiece and bridge are not original to this instrument,
but the fittings shown on Clipper #3279 are the original ones.


The long very thin backstrap is just barely discernable in the picture below.


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