Fairbanks & Cole

S/N 1234 ca. 1881


The Banjo
(NOTE: All these pics may be opened in a separate window for more detail.)

front of banjo   side of banjo   back of banjo        


The Neck

The neck has an early style "hippy" peghead, a fancy 5th peg cut
and a lovely "outline" carving on the heel.

front of peghead   back of peghead w pegs   5th peg   heel carving


The Pot

A typical F&C laminated pot with rosewood inside and out.
The brackets are attached with screws through the wall.
The tonering is a perforated hollow brass ring placed so that it is
just a little wider than the pot and a little higher than the inner wall.

tonering   tonering holes

The bridge and tailpiece are replacements as are 4 of the ivory pegs and the ivory nut.

tailpiece and bridge


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