A brief chronology of A.C. Fairbanks
and his banjo companies

(A more extensive chronology can be found here,
and a Fairbanks Family tree can be found here.)

1852 - September 5; Albert Conant Fairbanks born in Sterling, MA.
1875 - Fairbanks starts producing banjos as A.C. Fairbanks - Maker, Boston.
1880 - Fairbanks & Cole begin partnership to manufacture banjos.
1883 - David L. Day begins working as an errand boy at the Fairbanks company.
1890 - F&C partnership ends; A.C. Fairbanks & Co. continues to manufacture banjos.
            - "Electric" model is introduced.
            - December 30; patent issued for Fairbanks' "Electric" tone ring.
1892 - Fairbanks introduces the "Columbian" model for the Columbian Exposition of 1893.
1894 - Fairbanks company incorporates as A.C. Fairbanks & Co., Inc.
1895 - Fairbanks leaves his company; David Cummings and Frank Dodge take over with Day as manager.
            - Metal nameplate introduced on Fairbanks banjos.
1901 - "Whyte Laydie" model is introduced.
1904 - March 4; a catastrophic fire destroys the Fairbanks factory.
            - March 21; Fairbanks company sold to Vega for $925 + $1.00 for the rights to 4 patents.
1909 - "Tubaphone" model is introduced.
1910 - Metal nameplate replaced with stamp "FAIRBANKS BANJO made by THE VEGA COMPANY".
1919 - October 10; Fairbanks dies
            - Banjos now stamped "The Vega Company".
1922 - David Day leaves Vega.

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